Golda Meir

Every Jew pronounces her name with respect and special deference.It is this gentle woman with a male character was involved in the direct creation of Israel as a country.Given an order to recreate the Jewish state destroyed in ancient times, it has done everything possible and impossible, that the Jews were able to return and live in their historical territory.

first political victory Golda Meir was the organization of the immigration of Jews from countries supporting the policy of Nazi Germany in the Second World War.After that, Golda Meir's career in political circles came up, she became the first Jewish woman to take an active part in public life, and she signed the declaration of Isra
el's independence.Her invaluable service that the state of Israel was recognized by the two countries giants - the United States and the Soviet Union.Throughout his long life to the diplomat Golda Meir held the post of ambassador, Minister of Labour and in 1969 headed the Jewish state.

Indira Gandhi

said that Indira Gandhi came into the world to glorify India.She has a diaper was prepared by the heavens career diplomat, as her father Jawaharlal Nehru was himself - a well-known lawyer and fighter for the independence of India.

Famous Indian astrologers say that Indira Gandhi was born under the double sign of the heavens - "life force" and "tenderness" that stores it and move forward.Unfeminine willpower, great energy and the ability to lead the masses of people have made it a leader who changed the face of India.This beautiful woman has managed to put the poorest British colony in line with the major world powers, it has been an important leader in the Non-Aligned Movement, and in spite of the betrayal and the pain of personal loss with persistence was to the target.

Margaret Thatcher

Over the entire decade of the Iron Lady was considered the most domineering woman in the world.Ambitious Margaret Thatcher was a strong and fair, and its far-sighted obstinacy legends.Being cool and unruffled, she could get in the position of the enemy and calculate the situation on many moves ahead.Starting with a very slow climb up, Thatcher managed to reach the summit of power, in which she sat to one man.Ambition and determination allowed her to lead the Cabinet of Ministers for longer than anyone in the British leaders of the twentieth century.Taken over as prime minister of Britain, she met the permanent obstacles and resistance.Becoming the wheel of a sinking battleship state of the economy, it was able to take it out of the bank and to get to a safe harbor under the name of "Dignity and Prosperity."