Strict measures were a response to the international community on the trial, which was the main defendant lawyer Sergei Magnitsky.He was convicted of tax fraud in 2008 and died under mysterious circumstances in 2009 in a Moscow detention center.

In fact there are documents related to financial fraud fund «Hermitage Capital Management», of which becomes aware of a front company and stolen 5 billion rubles from the state budget.Foreign human rights activists did not escape his attention so loud a lawsuit.As a result of disagreement over the Russian jus
tice and human rights violations, and was created by "Magnitsky List" containing the names of high officials, their positions, and the charges against them.

America and the European Union, supported the document, promised that the list will be updated with the names of Russians who continue to violate the rights of people fighting for the purity of justice, freedom of expression, as well as major offenders.According to Western countries only restrict the right to freedom of movement of citizens, can stop corruption, to defend the rights of honest citizens, and also to stop the illegal legal prosecution.At the same time foreigners are not very concerned about how Russia would react to these measures and whether it will be regarded as interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state with imposing his own will.

As happens in such situations, the Russian side have been taken retaliatory steps.One of them is a bill to visa and economic sanctions imposed on violations of the rights of Russian citizens in the United States.Another stumbling response to the adoption of a ban Russian orphans American citizens.

The answer to all this is the United States can only guess.It is likely that this is the first signs of the beginning of a new "cold war".The West now has a button to pressure the legislative elite of the Russian state.A Russian elite have to more carefully choose public banks to keep their savings in the territory of any foreign countries to buy property.

far as justified by the US adoption of the "Magnitsky list"?As always, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.Of course, the death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky in prison is a fact of blatant human rights violations.In such situations, all the guilty must be punished, because you need to learn the lessons of what happened in order to prevent such incidents in the future.

At the same time, it should be understood that the West still sees Russia as its main rival in the international arena.Today, Russia is the only country in the world, capable of guaranteeing to destroy the United States and its allies.Proceeding from this, Russia will always be in the press, using any opportunity.The country's leadership understands this, therefore, in the long-established unwritten tradition, all the hostile attacks on Russia meets adequate measures.