Since it is believed that the groom should not see the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding ceremony, the entire responsibility for the choice of dress is a girl.Therefore, it travels to the bride wedding salons, choosing for themselves the most unique and exclusive dress in which she will be the most beautiful in your most important day.However, long-standing tradition, the bride chosen to pay the groom should dress.

In some countries, respecting the tradition, the wedding dress, jewelry, shoes and other accessories are always paid by the man or his family.

Previously, all the costs of the wedding dress pinned on the groom's parents or future in-law
, who went with the bride on the wedding salons and choose an outfit together with a girl.This pattern of behavior is widely practiced today.To avoid unpleasant disagreements with her mother in law when choosing a style or color of the wedding dress, brides are advised to choose the appropriate outfit it, and then invited to the salon and show her mother-in-your choice.In addition, the bride to the groom has to offer in-law share the costs - for example, one party pays the shoes, veil and jewelry, and the other - the dress itself.

modern reality

Today, the tradition gradually fade into oblivion.Grooms do not always bear the expenses incurred for the acquisition of a wedding dress for his future wife, and some brides are too independent to allow a man to pay for itself, even in the wedding salon.Naturally, there is nothing seditious in the purchase of the bride dresses for the money - many of today's women are even proud of it, refusing to offer any man to buy them a wedding dress.

If the budget does not allow the future of the family take great pride, the bride and groom's suit, you can buy a purse.

In that case, if the groom categorically rejects spending money favorite in the wedding expenses and unconditionally undertakes to pay them, the bride can with a clear conscience to go shopping with my friends.So it will be able to choose a wedding dress, which will be a surprise for the groom and other guests on your wedding day.However, it is not recommended to walk on the bridal salon with lots of sovetchitsa - they can all have different tastes, that will transform the most enjoyable in life choices and hard labor of countless fitting dresses.