The first step is to change the appearance.Stand in front of a mirror and look at yourself critically, what is wrong in your way?Try as much as possible to conceal their flaws, but at the same time highlight the advantages.So, you already achieve 10% success rate, as neat and pleasing appearance will surely attract the attention of .
Try to add to your wardrobe as many interesting and unusual details.After all, while you're not likely to know how to attract the attention of just so, so first you need to use appearance.Bright accent color in your clothing, any bauble beautiful, stylish hairstyle - all this will make any person to hold the attention of you.But remember that it is essential not to overdo it, otherwise you will not look stylish, but ridiculous.
increasingly paying attention how people react to you.Judge views and respond to them: for this man turn around, smile or "Strelna" eyes.Get used to be in the spotlight.
Moving objects attract much stronger attention , compared to static.Carefully observe the "stars" - how they gesticulate, move, change their facial expressions and intonation.And then look at yourself, you may need to add a little movement.
Smile as often as possible, no matter where - at work, the street or school.Your face should luchitsya joy, kindness, good humor, and not the workload and depression.
also important to rehearse his gait in the mirror.The back and shoulders - always straightened and the body, legs, arms and head - the more mobile.Do not be afraid to move, to express emotions through body and facial expressions.
All of the above - theoretical training.Now it's time to move to action, start with the most basic training - talk to sellers do not hesitate to comment on the event, ask about anything from others.That is, try as often as possible to take the initiative to communicate.Then move on to more advanced training - Meet new people.