successful attempts to break the totalitarian system

Nikita Khrushchev made the first large-scale attempt to deliberate destruction of the totalitarian system, which has been enmeshed in the Soviet Union for decades.Khrushchev's reforms, which lasted until 1964, brought a qualitative change in the political and social life of the USSR.Change the internal and external policies of the proletarian state, it puts an end to violations of the law, arbitrariness and mass repression.

Joseph Stalin succeeded in a short historical period to create a system of "barracks socialism", which basically contradicted the theoretical views of t
he classics of Marxism and the fundamental interests of the people.During the reign of Stalin's regime stood guard over his party and state bureaucracy.Ideological Machine meanwhile worked to the fullest, making people scared of reprisals to believe that the country is steadily marching towards a bright future.

dissatisfaction with the current system is manifested not only the lower classes, but also representatives of the Party nomenklatura.The death of the leader has highlighted one of the party workers, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev.He was considered a political nugget, has sufficient personal courage and ability of leaders. political directness, immediacy of nature, developed intuition - all this has allowed Khrushchev to defeat political opponents to get a high position and the confidence of the people.

«Khrushchev thaw": fresh wind of change

In September 1953, Khrushchev led the Communist Party, becoming the first secretary of the Communist Party.Before him there was a problem properly assess the situation and identify solutions to the set of accumulated problems in the country.Most of the ills of socialism seen a new leader in the aftermath of Stalin's personality cult, which, according to Khrushchev, made not only political error, but also created an explicit lawlessness.That is why all reform Khrushchev penetrated one thought: how to rid the country of Stalinism.

In line with these objectives, and are the main activities of Khrushchev.He destroyed the repressive apparatus at the XX Party Congress denounced the cult of personality of Joseph Stalin, and then came up with many innovative ideas at the time.They made an attempt to improve the state system, severely limit the privileges of the management, to make Soviet society more open.Under the leadership of the working people of the country Khrushchev went develop virgin land and on a massive scale built new housing. Not without excesses: what are the attacks on Khrushchev's artists and writers, or his attempts to make maize the "queen" of the Soviet fields.

Modern researchers believe that many of the reforms and actions of Khrushchev were inconsistent and not entirely consistent.But no one denies today that "Khrushchev thaw" dealt a fatal blow to the ideology of totalitarianism, putting an end to impunity.During the reign of Khrushchev was a time when the foundations of democratic reforms originated when formed new group of people, known as "the sixties."It was during the "thaw" Soviet citizens learn without fear to discuss social and political issues that worried everyone.