Find as many like-minded people willing to openly sign a letter of protest .Appealed to the media to post information messages in social networks, where possible, make the Internet a separate page, LAYOUT ads on poles, walls, doors and other entrances. (If not prohibited), go from door to door.Try to get official support of prominent political and public figures, human rights activists and cultural figures.
Decide on the destination of your letter.Do not overdo and do not "jump over their heads."If you protest because the alleged discovery of beer in front of the school in the city of small ringlets, do not just refer to the President of the Russian Federation or the United Nations.For a start it will be e
nough to turn to the head of the district or the mayor.
Make text of the letter.Specifically, clearly and convincingly state your requirements, the charges and the reasons for the protest .Refrain from insults and obscene language.Arguments such as "Ivanov - goat!" And "They are all thieves!" Is unlikely to help you.Arm expert estimates, the results of sociological surveys, etc.Describe the possible unpleasant prospects that, in your opinion, could lead to a phenomenon or action, against which you protest.It does not allow any direct threats.Especially it is not necessary to threaten riots and measures of physical violence.Remember, even if you intend to organize another addition to the letters and share protest , this action must be carried out in accordance with applicable law.Otherwise, you just find yourself behind bars.
Sign the protest letter .The signature, in addition to the full name, first name and patronymic, specify as occupation, experience, etc.For example, "Varvara Petrovna Ivanova, teacher, writer, member of the Writers' Union of Russia, co-chair of the Public Committee" Family Protection "Berdyaev, Russia."Or "Maria Petrova Timofeevna, PO years, mother of two children, a housewife."All signatures must naturally be genuine.Especially signatures of famous people, or your objection will only lead to the scandal with the litigation in the end.
Send a letter to the addressee.Very effective will send a letter to the open way - that is to publish the text of a letter of protest media to attract the attention of the largest possible number of citizens.Only then can you be sure that your government representatives a letter, at least not ignore.Further actions are determined based on the received response from the authorities on your protest.