Arguments against the introduction of visa regime

Experts studying social problems in Russia, usually opposed to the introduction of visa regime and the hard limit the flow of migrants.Some defenders of the statements of the visa regime is easily refuted by professionals.

For example, it is believed that the introduction of visas will solve the situation with the illegal migrants.In fact, crossing the border on a visa does not guarantee that a person will behave in a more law-abiding than if he had entered without a visa.In addition, the East of Russia reside illegal migrants from China and Vietnam, and the citizens of these countries must obtain a visa to Russia.It turns out that possession of a visa does not al
low to control illegal migration.

Some people think that immigrants take away jobs from citizens of Russia.In practice, the situation is far from this.In Russia, a very low percentage of the unemployed.Generally, people can not find work only in areas with extremely low wages.In such places, it may be advantageous to sit on welfare than to work for a fee that is less than this benefit.Migrants in these areas almost meet.

Some arguments in favor of introducing a visa regime really are xenophobic and racist, it is impossible to argue.Nationalist sentiment in the community is now quite strong, and such a move by the government will only increase the racist views of some people.

Another argument against the introduction of visa regime is that the issuance of visas will be just another opportunity for corruption.Currently, to obtain a Russian visa already need to issue a travel invitation to semi-legal (it's a formal requirement), which in reality is only expensive paper, none of it is not traveling.

Pros introduction of visa regime

Migrants seem to be cost-effective, since they are paid less, but in practice it means that they are, in fact, have no rights.Often, they do not pay the money, they do not make out officially, they are victims of their own government and the community, who are forced to obey, as it is for them a kind of guarantor of security.

also with migrants in Russia enters the Central Asian lifestyles, drugs, crime and other evils which are peculiar to this region.

It would seem that the decision should be based on the economic and social causes, and you just need to analyze everything and come to a consensus.But the Russian government is contradictory, on the one hand, bans and there are promises of visa regime, on the other hand, the concept of Russia's migration policy, approved by the president, promises noticeable relief.