Many people think that getting an education, master's degree and doctoral defense, the years spent in travel, knowledge of several languages ​​- all the characteristics of an intelligent person.And if you deny this "intellectual" all its knowledge?After all, in life many things can happen.And then what?Emptiness, nonsense, and maybe even selfishness and callousness ... A truly intelligent person can be deprived of education, knowledge and memory.He can forget everything but his soul will remain moral values, love of learning, a sense of aesthetics and responsibility.He will admire nature, never show indifference, rudeness, envy of his neighbor.In short, intelligence is the ability to understand others.Education is not a synonym of intelligence.Another thing is spirituality that accompanies the honor, dignity, honesty and a clear conscience - all signs of intelligence.You can not say that heartless man disgusting and vile, he's just weak.No, not physically, his weakness is manifested in malice and envy everything around in confusion and brutality.This weakness is not just lack of this inability to live and enjoy life.And as already mentioned above, an intelligent man always shows understanding and sympathy for the weak.Perhaps that is why stories are cases when the intelligentsia destroyed and humiliated.Weak people are afraid of intelligent, they went into a rage because someone can be stronger (mentally) and wiser.Weaknesses had power, and intelligent - soul.Intelligence is not a document with a lot of seals.This attitude and composure.An intelligent man in the original manifestation of their feelings, bold in his actions and is able to protect the offended.As the saying goes: "A secret always becomes clear."So false and intelligent over time can be clearly identified.Accidentally or intentionally, but one false man will reveal his true "I".It can manifest itself in behavior and style of dress and habits, even in terms of thought, or interior of the apartment.In today's world the concept of "Intelligence" is ambiguous, but overall this is probably just a good man.