Remember to attract the attention of the powerful man in the street is often very difficult.First of all, the inability to prevent extremely summarize the essence of his problem.Representatives of the authorities just do not have the strength to deal with all incoming correspondence.As a result, the bulk of it is viewed quite fluently.Writing your business on 10 pages, remember that it is likely to remain unaddressed.
Remember that the ideal business letter should not take more than one page of A4, as the reader's attention these messages is enough for about 10 seconds, and if during this time period you did not manage to "hook", consider that this letter sent indefinitely.So leave all sorts of flowery literary treatment and try to give the essence of the issue in the first paragrap
h.Moreover, aiming to transmit "bare" facts, listing them in chronological order.And do not let the lyrical digressions, rhetorical questions, aphorisms and sarcastic remarks.
Go to the reception to the governor and try to get a special form of writing, and in the absence of such writing in any form.Traditionally complete your your message, pointing to the upper right corner of the sheet position and full namedestination and your data.A lower after standard treatment "Dear Nikolai!", Contains the substance of your complaint or request.
Do not forget to attach to your application a copy of the correspondence with the lower-level officials confirming their inaction.All sheets of your main circulation and existing applications stapled or sew.On the first page, specify the total number of sheets your package of documents, and at the end of list submitted papers, including letters, checks, regulations, etc.and remember that the most effective way to organize the delivery a letter to the office of the governor in person, rather than relying on the work of post offices.