If you have learned all the nuances and decided on the formulation of the question but can move to seek opportunities to ask it directly to the desired policy.The possibility of such there are many.Firstly, the Internet and television are constantly arranged campaign with the slogan "Ask a question Minister !ยป.As such a campaign can be a hot line.Call the phone and personally ask the minister about what you care about.Calls to those lines are always free of charge, which makes this option more affordable.In addition, on many sites are constantly held video and online conference with Prime Minister of the different entit
ies of the Russian Federation.Go to the site, sign up for a conference on the topic you are interested and in turn ask your question Minister .The advantage of such campaigns is that you get an answer immediately and in person from the person you are interested in.
Another way to ask the question Minister - write an appeal letter.If you wish to ask a question Prime Minister , visit the official website of the government of the Russian Federation, on the menu you select the "Letter to the Prime Minister" and write his message.It will be reviewed in a queue, but in any case you will get your answer.To ask a question Minister of Education and Science, you also can use the World Wide Web.Go to the site Ministry of Education and Science, which in the "Contact Us" to scroll question s and appeals.
In addition, for each subject of the Russian Federation there is a separate address, where there is always a section with online question s.Go to the desired site or the forum and ask a question certain officials.The main thing is do not be afraid to act, and know that your requests and 's always the question will be considered and should be dismissed, except in cases when the rules are broken writing appeals.