term history

impeachment or vote of no confidence, as a rule, the head of state regards crimes related to treason, breach of the basic law of the country - the Constitution and other serious offenses that are grounds for removal from office or post.

word "impeachment" has English roots and literally refers to the prosecution or conviction.Impeachment appeared in England in the 14th century, it was then the House of Commons was given the power of the court to give policymakers.The mechanism of such a procedure, as a rule, formally established in the current legislation and is one of the most important characteristics of any democratic country.

history of the procedure

most common scheme of impeachment is the model prescribed in the Constitut
ion of the United States, where, incidentally, the impeachment procedure served as the basis for the early withdrawal of powers from President Richard Nixon.

main active bodies involved in the decision are the lower and upper house of parliament, the first of which only pushes the charge, while the other sees it the imposition of subsequent verdict.In some countries to address such issues involved organs of the High Court, in Germany and Italy - Constitutional, Portugal and Finland - High, France - High Court of Justice.

Distrust in Russian

In our country, the impeachment procedure is held with the direct interaction of the State Duma, the Supreme and Constitutional Courts, bringing a final verdict on the presence or absence of the fact of the offense against his country.Thus the main requirement for the beginning of impeachment is assembled from representatives of the Duma Committee, as well as the initiative of holding such a procedure on the part of at least one third of MPs.In order for the mechanism was launched, providing for the quota of votes, pro-examination of the case, it should not be less than two-thirds of the total number of representatives of each of the chambers.

Not everyone knows that in Russia this procedure was carried out twice, in both cases, it was not communicated to the end and was applied to the then current President Boris Yeltsin.In 1993 and 1999 he was charged, caused distrust domestic and foreign policy, and plant high-ranking person in the country, matters relating to military operations that were conducted in our country in Chechnya, and the so-called genocide of the Russian people, associated with a sharp drop in population.