Be consistent.Determine the ultimate goal and think about how you can achieve it.Do not jump over your head and be prepared for the fact that you have to stay at some stage of his plan for several years.For example, as a young man, and set a goal to become a member of the city council, you will need to at least start "regional youth self-government", to become its chairman, to get into the "City Youth Council", as far as possible to become a "Youth Mayor" and only after that to take a chance.
Seek help "inside".Of course, democracy in our country there: but only for those who are running "by themselves."Experience shows that in many ways defines the electoral victory of your circle of acquaintances and connections.That is why it is not necessary to rush too - communicating in the right circles, you're a year or two you are su
re to meet the deputy, who will ask you to "help the party" or appoint a personal assistant.The only question is perseverance.
not stop the activity.The number of people on a daily basis to communicate the policy exceeds all reasonable limits.The chance that you will remember for a major event is virtually zero, so try as much as possible to take on various kinds of projects and activities.Constantly being in the field of the right people, you at least will interest them.
Read books about communicating with people.Even if you possess an innate charm and charisma, to specify some things just need.Therefore, policies to tackle you first need to develop their ability to "impress" as much as possible.The most popular author of this area is Allan Pease: his work "speak properly" and "Body Language", if not open the great mysteries, it will help to organize knowledge.Conscious reliable innate charisma.
Make some money.You should not be naive, especially when he was already adults, you will be treated kindly honors only for your personal qualities.Youth in this regard easier because the ruling class has always picks himself a worthy replacement is represented by young people.In the more mature people are usually no way to go "far away", so the most common way to start would be self-nominated.Beware though, that such a project will require you to huge (for the average citizen) investments.