country's main economic nucleus, usually form the basis of many international organizations, play a huge role in shaping the international financial and trade flows, create their branches and representative offices around the world.The countries accepted to the periphery of the most backward states with a predominance in their mining and agricultural industries.Of great importance to them, as a rule, it plays a capital of other investors.In these countries there is an unstable political situation, frequent inter-ethnic and religious conflicts.At the head of these coun
tries it is usually a dictator, and any pretensions to riots and revolutions instantly suppressed.
periphery countries have low economic performance in general, and the unit of the population.They are often dominated by unemployment and regular migration, cities are poorly developed, residents prefer to dwell in villages.Many of these countries can "boast" the colonial past, which is reflected in the modern type of production, industrialization and features of the economy.
As a rule, the countries of the periphery accepted to developing the state today in Latin America, Africa and Asia.This selection took place after the Second World War, in the mid-20th century.With the collapse of the Soviet Union, many lagging countries dramatically moved forward, standing in the front ranks, to include, for example, are Asian countries Taiwan, Korea and Singapore, which managed to successfully take advantage of its main competitive advantages, such as cheap labor and foreign capital, attracted from outside.
Previously, core and periphery would be divided in the directions east-west, but today, according to many financiers with a worldwide reputation, this partition properly carried out in the context of North-South, although these boundaries are conditional.Today, despite the best efforts of the center to introduce regulations that would generally change the situation radically, such as - the introduction of global standards for labor rights, the imposition of technological progress, the country's periphery, is not likely to soon be able to part with one of its main"advantages" such as low-paid labor, conditional ekostandartam that, anyway, is one of the main competitive advantages of "laggards."