Was the terror actually

It is said that the concept of "white terror" is very conditional.In modern historiography is no common understanding of this phenomenon, as some historians believe that the White Terror itself was not.At the same time they see the white and red terror in comparison.If the Red Terror had special punitive organs, such as the revolutionary tribunal, then the White Terror that was not typical.Other scientists called the White Terror response to the punitive actions of the Bolsheviks.

is interesting to note that the White Terror itself is not characterized by acts of terrorism, because such a definition can be regarded as a conditional rather than precise.Naturally, the action Whites were brutal, sometimes too much.However, it all happened within War.

peculiarity of the White Terror in Russia can be considered as his spontaneous.The sudden
ness and spontaneity - the main features that characterize the action of the Whites during the 1918 - 1922 years of the 20th century.It is a mistake to believe that the Bolsheviks were only Whites, ie representatives defeated the tsarist army who failed to emigrate abroad.This view was imposed for years by the Soviet ideology.In fact, on the side of the Whites were representatives of various sectors of society, accordingly, they were also so-called ownership of white terror.

pointless and spontaneity - the main features of

It is said that the representatives of the White movement saw no sense in terror.They did not want and did not waged war with the people, but fought against the Bolshevik movement.Other researchers refute such statements, claiming that members of the army collapsed just launched the terrorist action in a literal sense.

unity on this issue is unlikely to ever be achieved.However, the indisputable fact remains that the White Terror was not under any legal framework is in contrast to the red movement.

While at the same time it is known that the White Guards dealt harshly with those who did not want to join them, to join the army.Rampaged and soldiers and generals.Stories known memoirs of eyewitnesses of the events that contain information about the looting of representatives of the former tsarist army, especially orders of Kolchak.

In fact, today is pointless to compare the white and red terror as to which of them was more cruel.And he and the other claimed many lives.