Tip 1: How to be the center of attention

you want to learn how to please people and to attract attention?Or get rid of shyness and stiffness?Or maybe you want more - be a bright personality that attracts the attention of many people?
recommendations in this article will help you learn how to be in the spotlight!
How to attract people's attention?
to attract the attention of other people - the easiest way to be in the spotlight.To attract the attention of other people, you need to simply be different from them.

is most easily done with the help of the exterior.
Clothing.Get dressed in the latest fashion, or extravagant.The colors of clothes should prefer a bright, eye-catching colors.If you want to be the center of attention prootivopolozhnogo gender, sexual preference is given to the style of clothing.For women, for example, it is fitting clothes, emphasizing the seductive forms.Also, make one or two small strokes: cut on the skirt / dress, neckline or a couple of buttons undone on her blouse;red high heels, etc.
Jewellery.Prefer extravagant or ethnic ornaments.Or it can be garnished "with a twist."
Hairstyle.The easiest way to attract people's attention - to make an unusual hairstyle.But this is not necessary.Home, hair should be in harmony with your style of clothes and image.
But appearances - that's not all.It is also important is your demeanor: scandalous and mysterious as you like best.
But do not forget the proverb "meet on clothes - escorted to the mind."Do not forget that the appearance - it's still a wrapper, much more important than your content.
How to get rid of shyness and stiffness?
timidity, shyness, low self-esteem, various complexes - all this is very, very prevents to be in the spotlight.Even if you do not aspire to being the center of attention, sometimes you still have to do it.For example, to speak in public, to make a speech, to express their opinions, etc.Shyness and systems force you to "keep a low profile," "hide in a shell" and avoid situations where you need to be in the spotlight.
If you are afraid to be the center of attention, you are not appreciated, is not promoted to the post, you will not be able prizvesti right impression at the right time.But in this way you will miss your chance.If you always imperceptible, you never implement their full potential.
best way to learn to be the center of attention - this is the practice, constant practice in communication.Communicate constantly with different people.Develop your self-esteem.
Do not focus on what people think about you.If you are afraid of criticism, stop criticizing yourself.At the time of communication or performances do not think that you think about.You do not, there is only a thought you want to share, or ideas that you want to convey.When a person says something with enthusiasm, he does not think at this moment about yourself.
How to become a soul of the company
to become the soul of the company, we must be able to interest, amuse or amaze people.In general, be "instigator".Be
sense of humor, wit, tell jokes or stories to describe hilarious faces.
Not bad, if you have some kind of hobby or passion that can show friends.For example, songs with a guitar, or any tricks.Well, if you have a vivid imagination and the ideas you generate, so you do not get bored.
However, the soul of the company may not be everyone.For example, if you lost an introvert.Then why do you need to play the role of someone else?Be especially yourself, be interesting to talk to - this is quite enough!
How to become an outstanding personality
The focus of people are those people who have something to look like.People who just want to stand out, impress, superficial.They accept external quality content for the internal.
Meanwhile, bright and charismatic personality can dress flashy, behave with modest dignity, not to be the soul of the company and even to avoid the increased attention.
To become such a person, we must first realize themselves in their professional activities.You need to be a maverick and does not adapt to the tastes and desires of the majority.You need to be a strong personality.It should have the character to achieve his goal.Such - strong and successful - people are always attractive to other people.

Tip 2: How to be the center of attention in society

If you wish to become a prominent man in the community , you must change the behavior of openness and determination.You want to have considered a self-sufficient person?Choose for this honest way, worthy of respect.
How to be the center of attention in society
Have your own point of view.Personal opinion will describe you as a person thinks, who knows how to analyze and, therefore, are of interest.Forget the phrase "do not know", "what can I say", etc.Learn how to talk about their own opinions out loud.You can start with compliments.If you like something in a person, why not tell him about it?And later it will be easier to talk about the controversial moments in any given conflict situation.
Willy-nilly, attention is drawn to conflict.At any strange or unpleasant situation behave decently.Be able to recognize his guilt and ask for forgiveness - this skill will help you maintain respectful society.If you criticize a man, do so tactfully and diplomatically.Do not blame, based on unverified facts.And again, try not to give advice, if no one asks.
doing things you love and improve their talents.This allows you to set goals and achieve them, and thus to grow in their own eyes and the eyes of society nnosti.The higher you set the bar, the more contact with the people it needs.To get noticed, work on the result.Remember that if you do nothing, then nothing is.
Use a sense of humor.It will help you fend off in a difficult situation, and contribute to what you will pay attention, even if you will be in a small group of unfamiliar people.Learn how to distinguish a joke from ridicule, such as, for example, is different from the cartoon caricatures.There are also a number of "taboo" topics, such as someone else's appearance or complexes.
to attract attention some representatives of society deliberately "warm up" to the interest to the person using the "black" PR, annoying self-promotion, revenge, gossip, outrageous behavior, etc.Of course, these methods leave a resonance in the society , but mostly talking about low self-esteem.If a person is bending over backwards to please others, it seems clearly inappropriate, not to say - absurd.On you will say, but will respect?