Follow the rules of the competition.The photograph must conform to criteria such as subject, size, quality.Photo is bound to attract attention and get to vote if it will stand out among the rest of the original, vibrant colors and vividness.
Think of a name to a photo and a description that will be easy to remember their uniqueness and presentation.Do not leave long comments to the photos, this text is usually no one reads.If the photo for the contest is in personal online albums, you must move it to the top of the personal page.T
his will allow users to immediately pay attention to the competitive picture.
Start participate in the competition since the first day.Only in this way you will be able to claim victory, as the majority of people visits the competition takes place at the very beginning.The longer your photo will participate in the competition, the more people will be able to appreciate it.
Link to the photo on your personal page in any social project.Ask friends and guests on the network to pass on it and amb vote for your photo.You can also turn to friends to spread on their contacts with this information.If they come to you for help, you can expect guaranteed new voices that will allow you to break the lead.
Begin competent advertising their photos.To do this, comment on pictures of other authors.The comment must be left interesting and creative, to the author of the photo is not the desire to complain about spam.Try to leave as many comments on photos of the project participants, it is guaranteed to attract new visitors to your page and allow you to get more votes .
Vote for pictures of other members who responded are amb vote for you.Not to worry about the competition, vote for those who have much lower rating.