What is dining etiquette

Table etiquette - a set of rules and regulations that allow people to simplify the process of mutual communication and making a meal at the table.In addition, thanks to the etiquette of a person is able to master the elementary knowledge regarding the process of supplying food and table decoration.

history of table etiquette

first started talking about the dining etiquette in the XVIII century in France.Then some houses were set certain rules and regulations that have survived to the present time in a little modified form.The reason is clear: the era were replaced - changing cultural norms and values.Modern etiquette at the table differ considerably from those that have been adopted in the XIX century.Then all the actions and behaviors of man at the
table rather regulated by strict rules and principles.

table manners were obliged to adhere to all cultured people, regardless of their political views and ideologies.At the table, XVIII and XIX centuries dominated the aesthetics and cultural traditions.Table etiquette of the XXI century based on expediency and mutual attention of all the people sitting at the table and taking a meal.Moreover, in the modern world standards and rules of behavior at the table constantly supplemented and improved.Some of them abolished altogether.

table manners

Terms siting at the table.Rules of etiquette at the table vary depending on the status of the premises and of the place in which the meal.For example, on the home receiving households tend to be seated at a table in the same manner, at the banquet of the invited guests made seat hero of the occasion or toastmaster, pointing to each his place.In restaurants and cafes in the dining etiquette, in principle, does not regulate the choice of a place occupied by the visitor.

table manners.Rules of conduct at the table during the meal, and regulates certain human interaction with the dishes.Firstly, all the dishes must be clean.Second, the plates and dishes should be taken from the bottom, holding their thumb.In no case can not specifically relate to food toes.Cutlery should be taken only for their pens.Glasses and cups should be taken from the bottom, without running into them fingers.

Terms of service guests at the table.The first start trapeznichat guests seated at the right hand of the master of the house.Then the food served in a circle.If this home reception, the food takes the hostess.In addition, it should ensure that the plates and glasses were always filled with guests food.Clear the dishes, too, the mistress of home reception.The home's dining etiquette, there is one interesting point: all the meals served (except soups) decided to offer guests twice.

sequence of serving dishes.The first cold snacks are served, and then - hot.The following file first meal consisting of soup or broth, and after - the second dish that includes fish, meat, pasta, mashed potatoes, etc.Newest served sweet dessert or offered any fruit, neatly sliced.This order of serving dishes is classic and should be known to everyone.

Rules guests at the table.Guests are recommended to sit at a table, leaning forward slightly.At the table during a conversation with a neighbor you can not raise your voice and turn to him the whole body.It is not necessary at the table to pay attention only to itself - there are a number of other people.His legs should be kept next to the chair and not pulling them under the table, touching the feet of other companions.On the countertop should be only the hands, not elbows.You can not sort out the food on the plate, as well as to criticize the quality of prepared dishes and cooking ability of the person who prepared the meals.Not accepted at a table and linger for a long time.Men need help ladies get up from the table.