Before boarding the public transportation first wait until all departing passengers will leave the salon.Skip ahead of older people and people with children and help them to raise the level of the bag, or stroller.
After planting, take a comfortable place if you are coming close - do not be pushed through the interior.During the trip, firmly hold on to the handrail, but in a way that does not disturb others.Keep the bag in the area does not seem to make life easier for thieves to pocket.If you have a large thing with, put them somewhere so that they do not interfere with others.Backpack should be remove
d from the back, and an umbrella - close.Objects with sharp edges, for example - ski poles must be sheathed in order not to injure other passengers.
During the trip, do not read books or newspapers.First, you will take up more space and disturb others, as will be involuntarily raise your elbows.And secondly, fascinated interesting article or a plot of the novel, you can not see how lose your wallet.
gives way to those who need it - passengers with children and the elderly.If you are talking on a trip, do it quietly, so as not to disturb others.And of course, obscene language in a public place - is unacceptable.
Do not be rude to people, even if you pushed.Polite people apologize, and ill-mannered in a way you do not learn, do not be like "tram boors."Many people can be in a bad mood, but it's not a reason to spoil it around.
If you need to go - ready to advance to this point.Do not rush for the exit, pushing all the elbows.Politely ask the people standing in front of you the permission to go to the exit, you will miss.
In public transport , as in other public places, always behave towards others as would like them to behave towards you.