As you know, the United States has developed two-party system, so in the final stage of the struggle for the highest political office in the country are participating the two candidates, one - from the Democratic, the second - from the Republican Party.Democratic candidate was the incumbent US President Borak Obama, who, under the Constitution, has the right to occupy this position again.From the Republicans in the elections involved Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor.

Nominations held at the Congress of their party.Both of these events have become a spectacle, caused interest of the majority of voters on the one and the other.It is
noteworthy that in speeches, calling the congress participants to support the candidacy of Romney and Obama attended and wife both.Both of them talked about the high moral and ethical qualities of their husbands, and many experts pointed out that their sincerity greatly assisted in the nomination of candidates of both politicians.

Passes election race between Obama and Romney is intense enough, and today is no obvious favorite.If at the beginning of the race was Obama's rating is slightly higher then in the first week of September equaled the popularity of both candidates - according to surveys for each ready to vote 45% of voters.

In September, both candidates for the presidency are not sitting still - they went on a trip around the country.In October, they are waiting for public debate, and they have to win the support of ordinary Americans, to learn about their concerns and aspirations, wishes to take into account in their policy statements.Of course, the main problem that worries the Americans, it is the economy and, in particular, the growing unemployment rate.

Obama and Romney, talking about unemployment and the promise to increase the number of jobs.If elected, Romney promises to provide an opportunity to find a job 12 million Americans.He criticized the economic policy of the current president, and says that the government does nothing to restore the confidence of people in the future.The President, in turn, criticized Republicans who, having a majority in Congress, simply blocking all of its proposals to improve the economic situation.

Now the struggle comes to the final stage.The following week, the people of America have to decide on their preferences and, whatever the choice, it is hoped that no one will be able to rig the results.