Humane Society - is a society that has taken as the basis of its development, the principles of humanism.Humanism - world, centered on the identity of the person as the supreme value, so in a humane society, the right of everyone to freedom, happiness and realization are absolutely equal.

ideas about humane society were most popular during the Renaissance, but they are all from a historical point of view considered utopian, because they could not find proper implementation.The ideology of the Soviet Union also included the features of human society, such as social justice, the resulting distribution of income among all the inhabitants of the USSR.Due to the mere idea of ​​a bright human future (communism) the Soviet people managed unattainable: it was victorious over the Great Patriotic signif
icantly expanded production, agriculture.But the movement of humanism and social equality interrupted the country's transition to "capitalist lines", carried out in the 90s.

Most countries in the world abandoned socialism as a political system, but some still have not changed the course.The first noteworthy Peoples Republic of China, which, according to the adopted Constitution, is a socialist state of the people's democratic dictatorship.China is not only rich in natural resources, but the country has managed to tremendously develop the production, providing by far the world with their products.And I must say, China's index of social inequality is much lower than in Russia.

In modern Russia on humane society can only dream of.The transition to capitalism and democracy has increased the difference in living standards between rich and poor, and the gap continues to grow.We have practically no "middle class" and the majority of the population lives below the poverty line.That's why there and spread more and more the idea of ​​a humane society.It really is a hot topic.One thing is quite clear: the current policy of the government is unlikely to lead to the establishment of a truly humane society in our country.