How to hold a knife and fork?

sat at the table, look, he served what devices are on the contrary.Important to remember that all the objects lying on the right side, you need to take the right hand, and vice versa.Knife according to the rules put right and the plug - to the left.Take the knife in his right hand so that its tip rested in the palm, and near the beginning of the blades keep his forefinger, thumb and middle finger, and the index should rest on the top surface of the handle of the knife.When cutting the food that you need to press a finger to provide the necessary pressure.
remaining fingers are used for holding the knife, they can be slightly bent towards the palm.

Fork held in the left hand down teeth: the end of the handle, too, rests on the palm and index finger on top of lies.In this way, hold the plug, if you want to take a piece of food, pierced his teeth.But in some cases, when you need to eat no meat and a side dish, or other soft food, use a fork so that it is impossible.We need to turn it up and teeth scoop food, like a spoon.It is necessary to keep the device as well as a handle.

How to use a fork and knife?

To cut a piece of food, bend your cutlery in the wrists so that the index fingers, abutting the upper surface of the handles, were sent on a plate.Fork must adhere to some of the food that you want to cut the main piece.Knife, pressing his finger, cut this part - it should remain impaled on the teeth, it can now be eaten.
wrong to hold the main piece with a fork, a knife to cut a small portion of the right and then to stick to the teeth resulting piece.

If you eat the garnish, then you can turn the plug, and the knife is then used for typesetting food on the teeth.Do not change their positions - even if you use a fork like a spoon.

not accepted at a table knife to cut bread - break off his hands.You also can not cut the fish (if it's not marinated or smoked fish) - it is eaten with other devices.It is not necessary to use a fork and knife in the butchering of crayfish and crabs.Lettuce cut edge of the fork, fork and separate the pieces of soft food - meatballs, meatballs.

If you want to get out of the time-table, but did not finish the meal, do not forget to leave cutlery correctly, or they may carry.Fork and knife should be at the plate in the crossed state - if you put them together, it means that you have eaten and you want your plate taken away.