archipelago Senkaku, or as it is called Chinese Diaoyutai, went to Japan in 1895 as a result of the first Sino-Japanese War.At the end of World War II, he was under the jurisdiction of the United States, which returned them to Japan in 1970.China does not agree with this, because there is the 1943 Cairo Declaration, signed by Britain, China and the United States.It Allies pledged to make joint efforts in the war with Japan until its complete capitulation.It declares there and the expulsion of Japan from all the conquered territories.

Until recently, the question hung in the air and very few people were interested, but in 1999 the archipelago was discovered natural gas reserves are estimated at 200 billion. Cubic meters.Thus the territorial dispute now has a great economic interest.
Chinese oil company CNOOC has
already started the development of the shelf with the Chinese side of the line separating economic interests of the two countries.Official Tokyo protests, believing that the gas from the reservoir rocks belonging to Japan.The Chinese society is more emotionally and aggressively respond to this debate.The strange case of the pogroms of Japanese stores, are anti-Japanese demonstrations, etc.

To commemorate the 67th anniversary of Japan's defeat in World War II 14 Chinese citizens have decided to make a trip to the disputed archipelago.As a result, they were detained by the Japanese Coast Guard.Allegations of illegal entry into the territory of another State detainees during interrogation refused, citing their actions by saying that the Diaoyutai Islands belong to China.

There was a tense phone conversation at the level of deputy foreign ministers of the two countries, which the Chinese side demanded the immediate release of their citizens.Japanese ambition and did not fall within government decided to deport Chinese.