October 12, 1960 passed one of the most famous in the history of the UN General Assembly meeting.The delegation was headed by the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev.Delegation to the draft resolution was introduced on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples.Khrushchev gave a very emotional speech, as he often did.He spoke out against colonialism and colonialism.

speak after the representative of the Philippines said that the Soviet Union, as well as the Western colonial powers, allowed himself to trample on civil and political rights of the peoples of Eastern Europe.Hearing this, Khrushchev indignantly and raised his hand, but he did not pay attention.

After that became a popular story that Khrushchev allegedly took off his shoe and began banging on the table with the heel, so he gave th
e word.However, since then it has repeatedly refuted. According to one version, the scandal has printed one of the news agencies that during the Cold War the Soviet Union to put in a bad light, and then it picked up by the media together.

versions about what happened

on the Internet today, you can see two identical pictures Khrushchev's speech - on the one hand in his clenched fist, and on the other hand he holds a shoe that looks a bit blurry.There is a version that it was specially made retouching to tarnish the reputation of Khrushchev.

son of a former general secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Sergei Khrushchev said in an interview that the story of a fictional.Just when Nikita Khrushchev came into the room, one of the journalists stepped on his foot and with her shoes flew off.Politician wear it in front of cameras and began to take his place in the hall, and then boot it brought employees and put in front of him, covered with cloth. Photo on which to Nikita Sergeyevich shoes on the table really does exist.

After speaking Filipino Khrushchev waved their shoes to pay attention to it, and maybe knocked it on the table.In the end, when he was given the floor, he went to the podium without him.Journalists were not present at the same time, they came only later and in his articles written about how a representative of Soviet power hitting shoes on the podium, and many believed in the legend.

the Internet you can find a record of Khrushchev's speech at the UN in 1960, when he criticizes the speaking delegate of the Philippines, and laid out the video in his hand, no shoes, he just emotionally waving his fist.