Everyone knows that meet on clothes, and have just escorted to the mind.So before you go out to the public speech, dress tastefully and carefully.Do not chase the price of the acquired clothing: the main thing - the way it sits on you.So you can buy a suit by Versace and disgraced the whole world because its color does not go to you, and cut you a full three sizes.Take care about the image in the same amount of time as you will be the text of self, you will not regret.
Further, the text itself.It is unlikely that you will stand and be silent, and the audience itself will make some conclusions.Spontaneous speech will not work - very few people can immediately ottarabanil excellent text that will hook the audienc
e and allow them to make an opinion about you.So write the text and consult a professional rhetorician, he will draw you over the lines and icons that will show where there is a increase in intonation, which - fall.But do not follow these instructions blindly, not to sound like a robot.
Take the time also to ensure that your check for factual, stylistic, speech errors.The content of the speech and the form in which you file your "dish" audience is very important.Think of it as a part of the image - not only focus on the clothes and accessories.
Another important component of success in presenting himself to the public - confidence and charisma.Masculine and feminine charm make amazing things, affecting students and forming their impression of you.On the face you should play a smile - but not stretched, not extruded from itself through the power and natural.So have at least one day (if you do not do it always) to imagine that you have everything in life is excellent and will be even better.
When you get to the audience, think only about themselves.Do not pay attention to any grimaces, frowns and clatter language.We need to raise a reasonable apathy, because if you're upset by every hostile look from the crowd (probably caused not by you and not your speech), your little speech exactly is doomed to failure.