Alexander III - story entry to the throne

Alexander was the second child in the family, and Regal throne was not meant to him, he did not receive proper education in his youth, but only learned the basics of military engineering, which was traditional for the Russian princes.But after the death of his brother Nicholas and the announcement of Alexander III crown prince he had to learn the history of the world and the history of the Russian land, literature, jurisprudence, fundamentals of the economy and foreign policy.

Before the accession to the throne, Alexander has gone from Ataman Cossacks and member of the Chamber of Ministers to the commander of the detachment in the Russian-Turkish war.After the assassinati
on of his father in March 1881, Alexander III became emperor of a great power.The first years of his reign he had to spend in Gatchina, under heavy guard, as dissatisfaction with the suicide of the People has been simmering for a few more years.

Reformer or a peacemaker?

his reign, Alexander III the country began during the confrontation between the two parties and to bring this fight to nothing, he had to strengthen the position of the autocracy, decisively abolishing the idea of ​​the father on the constitutionality of the country.And by the end of the first year of the reign he managed to stop the riots, to develop a network of secret police, and not without punitive measures.The main centers of terrorism Alexander believed the universities and by 1884 he almost completely got rid of their autonomy, a comprehensive ban on student unions and their monopoly, blocked access to the education of the lower classes and the Jews.

Dramatic changes began in the zemstvos.The peasants were deprived of the right to vote, and in public institutions are now seated only representatives of the merchant class and nobility.In addition, Alexander abolished the communal ownership of land and ordered the farmers to buy their plots, which were created by the so-called peasant banks.

peacekeeping same merits of the monarch were to strengthen the boundaries of power, creating a powerful army and a reserve stock to minimize Western influence on Russia.At the same time he was able to avoid any kroveprolitiya for the duration of his reign by the state.Moreover, he helped extinguish the armed conflicts in other countries, which is why Alexander III and was called a peacemaker.

Results monarshestva Alexander III

Alexander III not only earned the title of peacemaker, but also the title of the Russian tsar.Of all the Russian rulers of those times when he defended the interests of the Russian people, did his best to restore the prestige and authority of the Russian Orthodox Church, attached great importance to the development of industry and agriculture and the welfare of its people.And only he was able to achieve such great results in all areas of economy and politics.

But along with these changes in the thoughts of the Russian people and the revolutionary spirit stole.Son Alexander, Nicholas II, who did not wish to continue the development of the country to the extent and at the pace that was set by his father, and that was the impetus for the development of discontent and promote the communist doctrine in the country.