Consideration of the bill in the State Duma

all federal bills come to the State Duma for consideration.The process of adoption of laws in Russia complicated and multistage.At the stage of consideration of the draft law by the State Duma deputies carefully dismantled his articles, often argue and come to a consensus is not easy.

Bills relating to the tax system relating to the financial obligations of States related to the cost of budgetary funds are considered only with the permission of the Government of the Russian Federation.Working with the federal laws passed in three stages.

In the first reading the basic provisions of the document.Project initiator reads the report and disclose the main directions of the document, and then perfor
m the co-rapporteurs and held discussions.The State Duma considers the project takes into account all the comments, and then makes a decision to approve or reject the document.If the law is generally accepted, it is sent to the committee responsible for its preparation, to finalize with all the suggestions and comments that have been made in the first reading.

After correcting all the comments on the draft document submitted for a second reading, which takes place at the plenary session.The task of deputies at this stage - to make out the bill article by article and in detail, taking into account all the amendments in the first reading.After that, the bill may be adopted definitively for the consideration of the third reading or rejected.

In the third reading corrections and amendments will not be permitted.The problem is only in the deputies voting for the adoption of the document.Federal law adopted by a majority of the voting results.Then, within five days it shall be submitted to the Federation Council.

Who makes the laws

If the Federation Council rejected the bill, the chambers may create a conciliatory commission - a special body to deal with any differences, then the law should be revisited and revised by the State Duma.In the event of disagreement over the law of the State Duma and the Federation Council of the law is considered adopted if it voted not less than two-thirds of the total number of deputies, after which it goes to the President of the Russian Federation, and then officially published in Rossiyskaya Gazeta, and shall enter into force 10 days laterafter publication.This is the procedure for the adoption of laws in the Russian Federation.