Learn how to use existing templates and common phrases to correct as much as possible to write characteristic .But, in any case, do not abuse it, because each person has a personality and individual qualities necessary to work and study.Competencies describe first.
the following five main points, and you can never go wrong and do not get confused in writing a response.Enter the personal data of the person, then the data on education, employment, describe the quality of the employee and at the end of your signature.The word "characteristic" is written required.
Determine for what purpose you need to write a description of .Write characteristic always a third person present or past tense.Use standard A4 sheets, arranged vertically.
employee activities described with specific data on the location, length of service, position, achievements and career development.Psychological and ethical qualities are also desirable.Efficiency measured by active employees, the effectiveness of the decisions.Personal qualities are characterized by respect and to communicate with colleagues.If necessary target characteristics, it is necessary to indicate the end.
Characteristics of residence is made with the address of residence, residence at that address all family members and neighbors.Immediately put down the signatures of all the persons mentioned in the description.Characteristics are always prepared in duplicate.Both copies shall be certified by the seals and signatures.
characteristic is always written only reliably, with concrete facts, without any falsehood and slander.Characteristics to be consistent and adequate.One paragraph contains no more than five sentences.