of male female, younger age - the older, the employee - supervisor.If you are familiar with each other peers or people , equal in status, should be submitted first to a person close to you, such as a brother - his friend.Known, well-deserved person presenting people , called their names unilaterally (assuming the name of a person and so all we know).
Imagine sister, wife, husband, children, the words "my wife", "my brother," etc.An exception to the rule of familiarity with the mother or father of all people are parents, not vice versa.
Say name of the person clearly that represent or introduces him to someone.If you are not sure in his mind in regard to personal data each their people , afraid that will pronounce
them correctly, it is advisable to offer a "Meet, please ...".
asked the name and surname of the person, if you do not hear, it is permissible.When you call you can not distort the name.Tactfully verify all data.
shake hands with the man after you submit it.Woman holds out his hand to the man, the elder takes her youngest, leader - subordinate.If you imagine someone you wait until the follow-up initiatives handshake from a new acquaintance.
Please note, the man who introduced himself, if he sits, should stand.Woman doing it if it introduced to older women or a man of advanced age.Young girl getting acquainted with adults, it is recommended to get up.
presents a large society Meet human right to all guests or calling his name and surname.Hostess or host acquaint visitors with one one ohm.Newcomers are waiting until they met.
Observe the rules of etiquette on the street.If you go with someone and suddenly you meet a friend, it is not necessary to present his companion if the meeting did not take long.The satellite is to step aside and wait if the conversation is prolonged, you will need to present unfamiliar with each other people each each have.If you do not want to do this, simply complete the conversation, not to force yourself to wait long.
may not represent the people or its neighbors in the compartment, seats, if you're on the road (on the train, on a plane, on a boat, etc.).You should do this only if the conversation revealed identical interests, hobbies, etc.
As a guest of the hotel or while on holiday in the resort and meeting with strangers at the table, not necessarily familiar.Here you can restrict a slight bow, welcoming companions.This gesture is enough people to make conclusions about the rendered respect.