to Russian tourists and people living abroad permanently, could vote, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will organize the polls.Most often they are in the buildings of embassies and consulates, but they can also be opened at the Russian Trade Representation in the Russian cultural centers or elsewhere.Please note that this applies only to federal elections - presidential and parliamentary.You will not be able to vote, for example, the election of the mayor of the city, even if you still have a Russian residence registration.Before the election, visit the site of the Russian Embassy in the country where you are.On the first page or in the news section there must be indicated the place and the date o
f the elections - the elections in some countries can be held a few days earlier than in Russia.Note that the polling stations are usually opened in major cities or in areas densely populated by Russian-speaking specialists.The whole country can be only 2-3 section.Therefore, if you live in a small village far from the Russian Consulate, plan your trip in advance.On the elections bring a civil or a Russian passport.Identity card issued by another country, can not replace the Russian document.If your passport has expired, Take care of his replacement in advance.At the same time, note that regular passport you can update abroad only if you stand registered in the Russian consulate.In contrast to those who vote in other Russian cities participating in the elections abroad do not need an absentee ballot.After the presentation of a passport you will make in the electoral list and you will be able to vote.At the same time registered in the consulate consist optional, unlike the situation with the replacement document.Try to come to the polling station in advance and note that the wait can take a long time.In large cities with a large number of Russian-speaking population in the electoral districts may be formed long queues.Check the results of voting on the site you will be able to the Central Election Commission of Russia.However, they will be announced no earlier than the moment when the election will end in the Kaliningrad region - the Western region of Russia.