palace coup in the Russian Empire

XVIII century is considered the era of palace coups.In 1722 Peter I issued a new decree on the succession to the throne on which the throne was passed on to descendants not the male line, and appointed at the behest of the emperor.Peter I did not want to see the head of state of his son and his grandson, who were not supporters of his reforms.However, the Emperor did not have time to appoint a successor to the throne and died.

After the death of Peter I on the throne sat his wife, Catherine I, which left a successor of Peter II Alexeyevich.But he died shortly thereafter, leaving behind no will.Supreme Privy Council elected Empress Anna Ivanovna.After her death, the power came John Antonovic
h, who overthrew Elizabeth.She chose as his successor Peter III.But his wife Catherine II toppled him from the throne and led the country.She wished that her successor was the grandson, but did not have time to write a will.In the power came her son Paul I, who killed and removed from the throne his own son Alexander I. It was the accession of Alexander's ended the era of palace coups.

1917 Revolution

February Revolution unfolded in Petrograd.As a result of the coup was overthrown by Emperor Nicholas II.In Russia, stopped the reign of the Romanov dynasty, and formed the first Provisional Government.At the same time was created a parallel authority, called the Petrograd Soviet.Dual power in the country was formed.

In October 1917 the civil war in Russia.The Provisional Government was overthrown.To power the new government headed by VILenin, YMSverdlov and LDTrotsky.In Russia, it established a completely new form of government - the Soviet authorities.

August putsch

August 19, 1991 was carried out a coup attempt in the Soviet Union.At that time, President Gorbachev was in the Crimea.The group of conspirators created a new State Committee on the State of Emergency.Emergency Committee headed by GIJanaev.On his orders, Gorbachev was blocked at his dacha and did not even have a telephone connection with Moscow.Peoples of the USSR, it was announced that the president had resigned for health reasons and the State Emergency Committee headed.

The next day was the signing of the Union Treaty, to which the Soviet Union was created instead of the Union of Sovereign States.The main aim of the conspirators was to prevent the collapse of the Soviet Union.

coup failed.A wave of protests headed by BNYeltsin, who at the time of the coup took over the duties of Chief of the Armed Forces.August 21 conspirators were arrested.August coup had disastrous consequences.Union republics refused to sign a new contract and to each other declared their independence.By December 1991 the Soviet Union ceased to exist.