Tip 1: How to give knives

Dear beautifully designed knife can be a great gift for almost any man, unless of course it carefully pick.It is believed that it is better to choose their own knife, because each person has their own preferences.The choice depends on the shape and even the size of the palm of his owner.
Acquire knife better in a specialized department, but not in the gift shop.Firstly, there is a much greater range, and secondly, all goods are certified.
Going to the store, be sure to check out some books about knives to learn more about the various models, their purpose, and perhaps of the legends associated with them.
choosing a knife, think about how he loves birthday.Perhaps he enjoys fishing or hunting, then it will suit the big awkward stainless steel knives.If a person loves to travel, give him a multi-function folding knife with different blades and tabs.If the person you want to present a knife, just loves beautiful things, and you want your gift was the decoration of his hom
e or office, buy a souvenir or a beautiful sword, a dagger.
When buying pay attention to the material from which made the handle and the blade itself, check for chips, scratches and other damage.Necessarily require a check and a certificate that will be able to confirm that the item is not a weapon.
Presenting a knife as a gift, remember etiquette.Firstly, any dagger or sword blade is always presented in a closed, folded, or sheath, to show that you have no bad intentions.Any knife, like a faithful dog, belongs to only one person, so the first time to get it out of the sheath should only be a host.
Giving a dagger, it is necessary to tell the owner that you present a gift with good intentions, and wish something good.If you believe in omens, this thing will last many years and will not cause harm.In addition, it gives the knife made in exchange for the iron coin, that is, how to sell, as do with pets.
Some believe that knives give in any case it is impossible - this is a very bad omen.However, at all times, saber, presenting a gift, was a symbol of respect and full confidence in the man.

Tip 2: Why not give knives

Choosing a gift - it is rather complicated, as it should please its new owner.In addition, it should take into account different national signs that express very clearly the value of the gift.
Why not give knives
People say that to give a knife - a bad omen.This superstition has come from the deep past and knows almost every modern man.Do not choose a gift not only to knives , but all the other piercing and cutting items.People who lived in ancient times believed that the sharp corners and cutting edges very much loved by evil spirits.Therefore, bestowed with a knife or a dagger to the man as a gift and becomes an evil spirit, which can lead to very sad posledstviyam.Eta old omen came to the present day in a few changes and a simpler form.It is believed that the knife causes quarrels, sorrow and misery in human life, which became the new owner of it.In most cases, these differences occur just between the donor and the owner of the gift.Therefore, choosing decorative gift giving even a small knife, be very careful and well-analyze all the possible consequences.After all, the mystical law says that loud quarrels and enmity between people and often leads to the stabbing, the protagonist of which is the right given to the knife.If you do not believe in the ancient signs, considering them "old wives' tales," and then think of a single problem.There is a great likelihood that the person to whom you give a knife, is aware of this caution.In this case, it is unlikely you will like sympathy.Birthday boy may think that you are deliberately seeking to make his life more problems and sorrows, but it is unlikely to strengthen your relationship.In fact, there is a solution.After all, the knife can not be considered as prohibited, unless it is a gift.Therefore, you can request a person, so it you pay for it - and no matter how much, though, and one penny.In this case, you can work around superstition and dangerous turn in a beautiful gift package.No one knows how true are the ancient superstition.In any case, be careful when choosing a gift, and take it from all possible liability - is not worth the extra time to risk the friendship and respect of a loved one.
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