term "euthanasia" is not for nothing has Greek roots: Hellenic Warriors finished in the battlefield of his mortally wounded comrades to stop their suffering.The wounded man had to die with a smile on the lips - it was called "die like a Hellene."Widely known for the practice of killing children with deviations from the norm in ancient Sparta.There is evidence of the custom of ethnographers murder of sick children and the frail elderly in primitive peoples of Oceania and the Far North, even in the XIX century.
Currently distinguish passive and active euthanasia.Active euthanasia is the use of special tools that lead to quick painless death, passive - in abandoning the struggle to save the life of the terminally ill.
In the early XX centu
ry, active euthanasia is practiced in some European countries.Nazi Germany, where massive destruction of huge populations began with the forced euthanasia of the mentally ill has become a shining example of how the right can be realized for an easy death.As a result, euthanasia was prohibited throughout the civilized world.Again voluntary death for the terminally ill, experiencing great suffering, was legalized in 1984 in Niderdandah.Then euthanasia allowed throughout the Benelux.
In 2002, the Netherlands adopted a law on euthanasia for children over 12 years, and in March 2014 in Belgium have allowed an easy death for children without age restrictions.In the Netherlands euthanasia has been applied to the 8 teenagers during the operation of the law.
In Switzerland, euthanasia is allowed in the canton of Zurich, and here operates the world's most liberal laws governing voluntary death.With this in Zurich thriving "suicide tourism".Terminally ill people from around the world travel to the Zurich clinic to get a lethal injection, which put an end to their suffering.
Euthanasia is permitted in 4 US states: Washington, Vermont, Georgia and Oregon.But in Michigan, he was sentenced to life imprisonment and died in prison physician-pathologist Gevorgyan, nicknamed "Dr. Death."He is sent to the light of 130 people who applied to him with the request.
At the same time, in some countries legalized passive euthanasia.Comatose patients may be disconnected from life support machines at the behest of the patients themselves, stated in advance, at the request of their relatives, or by the court decision in the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Mexico, Sweden and the Benelux countries.