In May, the Ministry of Regional Development has developed a new draft law on the election and submitted it to the government.This is the first document with the new head of department, Oleg Govorun.Earlier Oleg Govorun held the post in the Kremlin, was head of the department of internal policy.

This document seriously alter the principle of election of heads of municipalities.Who mayoral elections are held both by direct vote and ballot from among the deputies themselves.Therefore, the Mayor of the City becomes the speaker of parliament.A city manager manages the urban.

What has changed?In the new project, the indirect election of mayors is prohibited.Mayor after the general elections will be headed or administration or legislature.It all depends on the statute of the municipality.But the Institute of City Manager remain
s, even if the mayor is the head of the Legislative Assembly.

In the case of settlements with a population of less than 100 people led by the mayor and the administration and the legislature.In other cases, the Speaker does not have the right to hold both seats.The project has a new vice-mayor, elected together with the mayor.When early resignation of the mayor of his duties shall be the vice-mayor.Legislators want to give the right to introduce the post of vice-mayor of the municipality, if there is a need.

also project proposes to elect the chairman of the Control and Audit Authority and his deputy on the same direct elections.But only if it is stipulated in a local charter.The idea of ​​direct elections do not support all.And only those municipalities that have a clear conflict between the heads of the municipality and the City Manager.

Direct elections are held in Volgograd.Perm is preparing for the return of such election.The trend of "return" is gaining its momentum in many major cities.The Kremlin supported the idea of ​​direct election of mayors.It is expected that the project will be submitted to the State Duma in the beginning of the autumn session of 2012.