But most people have some problems, and therefore seek to develop interpersonal skills, knowing that from it depends largely on the quality of their life.The reasons for that are different:

  • Defects speech binds many people that makes others think about their uncommunicative.

  • low social status, as well as self-doubt (that of reason - a completely different topic of conversation), leading to difficulties in communicating with people who have a high position in society.An example is hiring, when you need to contact the head of the company or special personnel department, and such peo
    ple tend to be confident that the uncommunicative and confused, insecure competitors.

  • most different systems, the birth of which are missing parents, as adults, we sometimes just do not know how to deal with them.For example, the problems are those who young people today calls "nerds" - smart indeed people, but it is not adapted to life in the society, as the first place they usually is science and other interests, rather than chat.But this is just one example - there are many complexes, and getting rid of them is often only possible with the help of a psychologist.

How to develop communication skills

To develop communication skills necessary to find the cause of problems with communication.The optimal solution is to appeal to a psychologist may pass special training, where, together with people who have similar problems, you will be able to overcome those.

appeal to a psychologist, but many seem inaccessible either for financial reasons or because of mistrust and fear to recognize existing problems.Therefore, people often resort to other methods of acquiring skills communication skills:

  • Reading specialized books helps some people to understand why they are afraid to communicate and how to fix it.

  • little effort to start to chat, sometimes give impetus to the development of new abilities and communication skills in general.In this way you can try to communicate with people who do not mind to take you into his company.But often push for the development of communication skills enough to talk to a random fellow traveler or in a store with someone, for example, to determine or help with the choice of goods.

  • Avoid communication through the Internet - now the opportunity has caused the loss of communication skills of living of many young people.Internet allows you to hide the flaws of the words and edit photos (to the truth which may also raise doubts), there is enough to turn off the computer, just to end the conversation.It's easy to ignore the people who you do not like or that do not like you, and they're talking about it right.The specifics of the Internet environment has pleased many, but take away their last live communication skills.Despite the fact that even business reborn and more companies are virtual, while offering real goods and services for real money, no communication skills in other areas of life is still not enough.

  • develop their personal abilities, to achieve a new success - it is an occasion to strengthen your self-confidence, self-esteem.But these factors often determine the ability to communicate.Try to talk even with a stranger, and you realize that your fears are unfounded.

Of course, there are ways to overcome the barrier of the mass.The choice depends on your character, the cause of the closure or the occurrence of certain difficulties in communication.