If someone calls you on the phone to warn of their arrival, there is nothing easier than to say that you are tired, go to bed, or just do not want to see anyone.It is your right.No need to stand on ceremony with those who want to come uninvited.
not open or react to the intercom call if prior call was not.Educated people are not at home, no warning of his arrival the owners, uneducated and can be left on the street.Why should you let the house of a person who is not considered with the owners?Once two or three times in such a situation, even a very "thick-skinned" people will understand that he is not welc
ome here.
unwillingness to communicate and can be demonstrated in the case where the intruder still managed to sneak into your home.Demonstrate distraction and boredom, do not listen to the interlocutor.Answer inappropriately or interrupted, start to talk about her that he was not interested.Can a couple of times pointedly yawn, and then, citing a desire to relax, shoved him out of the house.
Behave unfriendly, start criticizing his guest, ridicule in the form of insulting all his deeds, hair, style of dress.It is not pleasant to listen to anyone.But that very confusing, ask the person in debt is a large sum of money.Especially this method is good in the case when you know that they have one.
Of course, the above methods require you sufficient strength of character.In that case, when you are absolutely "not a fighter" and not be able to put the house annoying and unpleasant person can only resort to national methods.Cross the old kopeck coin back departing guest and say to myself, "baptize - not bless, your evil you refer in my house the way shut."After that, throw a coin at some crossroads and, without looking back, go home.