Until the nineteenth century, the profession of a matchmaker had great popularity, and many have resorted to the services of professional procuresses.Matchmakers help choose the most suitable of the material status and position in society candidates for marriage, because it is a profession, the main purpose of which was successful merging of the capital of the future newlyweds.Matchmakers have an honored place in society, they were happy times, even in the homes of nobles.In addition, the visit was considered a kind of matchmaker luxury - services procuresses cost a lot.Matchmakers were legislators and public opinion, they spread rumors and major city always knew everything about all interpret events dif

Modern Matchmaker

forgotten in Soviet times, the profession is experiencing a rebirth.In the modern world has not changed much.Is that a major problem in the search was not the financial aspect, and loneliness.Getting through a matchmaker is reliable, because often, getting acquainted through advertisements on the Internet or newspapers, people do not know that in the meeting they will be, what kind of person they can expect.Matchmaker also advance has accurate information, a photo of the potential chosen, coordinates knows the composition of the family, can give an objective description.

For matchmaker needs not only experience, but also a great personal desire, dedication and personal qualities.After operating procedure is spiritual communion with people.The most favorable for such work homely atmosphere, when people come to visit, where in a relaxed atmosphere while drinking tea can discuss their problems and suggestions.


matchmaker should know exactly the intention of his client and be sure to check for the presence of a passport - or rather, the absence of a stamp on marriage, because to reduce the people who are already bound by marriage, is considered unprofessional.Followed by filling in a special form, where the person must describe their wishes to partner with its own personality.

matchmaker usually keeps records of their customers, noticing all the nuances.After filling out the questionnaire begin to view pictures and stories about this or that person concerned.Matchmaker gives its advice and sometimes quite insistent, such advice should listen, because people such profession is legible, and intuition, most likely, it will not fail.

According to statistics, the help of a matchmaker often used by women.Contingent work is wide, people of different professions and status address for such services, the main thing in the profession matchmaker - pre-verify the seriousness of their intentions, and then to provide assistance.

crowning work of a matchmaker matchmaking.Traditionally, it is not being implemented, so a matchmaking matchmaker means the organization meeting of partners, after prior approval of the candidates.