The most serious problem is the violation of the integration of disabled people in society.Often, people with disabilities are maladjusted, children with disabilities suffer from lack of socialization.The causes of this problem lie in the lack of fitness of the environment for comfortable living and functioning of people with varying degrees of disability.
Currently in Russian society virtually created an enabling environment for people with disabilities, there is no reasonable possibility to get around the city.Difficult access to most of the social infrastructure.Even an ordinary urban transport for most people, restrictions on movement, it becomes an insurmountabl
e obstacle.
In a society lacking social skills with disabled people, the culture of dialogue is not generated, there is no possibility for a comfortable job.The problem with the majority of disabled people safe intelligence lies in the fact that their ability to work is not realized.People with disabilities do not provide opportunities for employment in accordance with the characteristics of their life.This leads to lower property status, lowering of social status, a certain level of social discrimination.
problem of accessibility in the environment is particularly relevant for children with disabilities.Their knowledge of the outside world is limited internally, which often leads to violations of individual development, it is impossible to reveal the full potential of the child, it is impossible to reveal his abilities.Lack of full communication with peers also adversely affects the development of children with disabilities.
Disadaptation and lack of full participation in society leads to serious problems of personality and psychological problems.Often, people with disabilities feel alienated from the world, they are separated from society, their social circle is very limited.There is a lot of psychological and emotional problems: insecurity, low self-esteem, lack of confidence in their own abilities, sense of rights and infringement of their own inferiority.
task of modern society - to move toward a more comfortable environment, adapted not only for ordinary people, but also for people with disabilities.To date, the disabled have to adapt to society.In fact, society itself should create favorable conditions for the life and development of people with disabilities.It is necessary to fix on the legislative level, the equal rights of the disabled and ordinary people to create all the opportunities for the realization of these rights and full participation of persons with disabilities in society.