executive power exercised by the President and the Government of the Russian Federation, the legislature - the Federal Assembly (State Duma and Federation Council), the judiciary - the courts of the Russian Federation.The constitutional system in the Russian Federation is a democracy, federalism, sociality, secularism, ideological diversity.
Russian Federation today is surrounded by former national hinterlands.A significant part of which is paid for secession from Russia falling living standards and enters the sphere of influence of Western countries.In Russia in the 1990s.also lower the standard of living due to rupture of domestic relations, and attempts to dramatically change the way the economy.As a result of the cris
is 90 Russia, as a state, has ceased to have any significant impact on international politics.
in the 2000s.Russia managed to overcome the political, economic and demographic crisis.Today in Russia there is a natural increase of the population, according to the State in the international arena is often decisive, as Russia's economy is the largest in Europe and 5th in the world.Russia has built a capitalist economy, while social security is maintained largely by the state.The economy of the Russian state develops is largely due to the implementation of major investment projects.As examples can be presented to the International Space station, Bureya hydroelectric power station, the track "Cupid", the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Sabetta Port, Vostochny Cosmodrome.
is not to say that the Russian economy all so wonderful.State economically one of the most powerful in the world, but not all segments of the population feel it on my purse.The standard of living compared to the 1990s years.changed for the better, reduce unemployment and raise wages in many areas of the budget, but in remote areas of Russia, the situation looks catastrophic times.The matter corrupt officials?Of course, corruption at various levels of the state apparatus is present, but a large proportion of the problems lies in the fact that Russia profits from the sale of hydrocarbons have to invest in US bonds that are actually plain paper without providing gold or other real products.Resolution of this issue is a separate topic for conversation.Lighting the problem only shows the economic dependence at present the Russian Federation of the West.