administrative and territorial level

Today the Ukrainian system of administrative-territor
ial structure represented by the first, second and third levels.The first level includes the area and cities with special status.The second level, which is called the base includes areas and cities of regional subordination of the city of republican subordination.

Urban - a territorial unit, which did not form their own government.

The third level (primary) includes a number of cities of regional importance, most of which are subject to city councils regional cities, towns, townships and villages simple.The composition of modern Ukraine includes 24 regions and 2 cities with special status, which are the administrative-territorial units of the first level.The areas are divided into a certain number of districts and towns of republican or regional subordination, which belong to the units of the second (basic) level.The rest of Ukrainian cities, towns and villages joined the third level of the administrative-territorial division.

Canada Region

Odessa region and its center - the city of Odessa, is the largest area on the territory of Ukraine, while its population is far from the biggest.It is not a lot of areas and status cities - these parameters being overtaken Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov and Donetsk region.The greatest number of districts honors from Kharkov and Vinnitsa region, where they number 27. The most populated region with the largest number of status is a cities Donetsk region.

Each of Ukrainian administrative-territorial units of the first level has its own coat of arms.

However, such a division of Ukraine had not always.After its incorporation into the Soviet Union in 1922, its territory was formed 53 districts, but after separation from the USSR provincial division of the Moldavian ASSR was abolished.In 1926, the Ukrainian SSR had 41 district in its composition, and ten years later replaced the county divided into districts, and the USSR was divided into 7 regions.In the future, the number of Ukrainian regions, which divided the territory of the country, has repeatedly changed - the old area combined, changed its name and formed a new area on the newly acquired lands in Ukraine.