The following are the main points that should be considered, regardless of whether you organize yourself or trust agents funeral bureau.

1. After warning relatives of the deceased and inviting them to say goodbye, it is necessary to collect the documents without which the procedure will not start the funeral.This heraldic death certificate (obtained in the registry office, and then you are given a paper receipt of payments for the funeral).And the medical death certificate (issued by a doctor or medical examiner after opening).

2. Morgue.Not later than the day before the funeral, you have to pay for his services, and to transfer the clothes in which the deceased is buried.If the body from the moment o

f death to the moment of farewell will be at home - it is necessary to wash and change into new clothes.

3. Place for graves or klumbary.The cost will depend on the method of burial - cremation or burial.Cremation is cheaper place for burial would entail and the cost of digging the grave.

4. Coffin (even for cremation he just needs some sanitary norms).Now the various options can be ordered via the Internet or in the funeral agencies.As well as other ritual paraphernalia - wreaths, ribbons, flowers, photos of the deceased, a temporary monument, tomb tablets, etc.

5. Funeral procession.Need a hearse to transport the coffin with the dead and 6 accompanying persons, as well as buses for those who want to say goodbye to the deceased.Payments in most cases - hourly.

6. The farewell ceremony.Civic - is carried out at home, in the hall or cremation graves in the cemetery.Religious - depending on the denomination of the deceased and his relatives.(For the Orthodox funeral service is performed in the temple on the day of the funeral and burial themselves - on the third day after death).

7. Commemoration.Eating together those who knew the deceased - the final part of the traditional funeral.Cafe, restaurant or home kitchen - you choose.

As you can see, organize the funeral - a rather difficult task, filled with many nuances.We hope the above recommendations will facilitate your sorrowful days.