Complaints Book should be at the information booth in the free access for visitors to the store.However, if it is not in your field of vision, boldly ask book from any employee of the store.Refusal to provide complaint book - it is an administrative offense, so if book you do not give, threaten to write a statement to the Federal Service or the Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights.Excuses sellers that plaintive book allegedly loaned to check or to make copies - it's a lie, according to the law book can not be withdrawn from the store.
Except for the complaints book requires the creation of conditi
ons necessary for you to make an entry in it: the administration of the store should provide you with a chair, a table and a pen so you can make a record.
Thus by the administration of the store you do not have the right to demand: no submission of identification documents or explanation of the reasons why you decided to write a complaint.
form entries in a plaintive book - arbitrary.Try to explain the essence of their claims to the store briefly and clearly.
In addition to recording, you can leave your contact information, such as your home address and - in this case within five days of the administration of the store is required to inform you of the measures taken on your complaint.Consideration of your complaint can be controlled by simply looking through a couple of days in the same plaintive book , in its administration of the store should reflect information on the consideration of the merits.