Find out how much time is devoted to the event.It depends on which room you will be able to include in the program and which will have to be omitted.Note also, in some parts of the program you have to act, and what technical means you can have.Does the room acoustic system with microphones, multimedia equipment and everything else?If something is missing, but it is indispensable - think about where you can take the missing equipment.
Usually, the class is not one person.Remember all along that it was interesting and memorable in school life.The first step is to talk about the moments that remain in memory at all.Do photos or vid
eos of memorable events?
Decide how appropriate humor at the event in which you are going to participate.At school graduation can be a very fun program.The competition can be both serious and comic program.The main thing that a joke if they were understood not only the participants of events.
Think, what form do you imagine the life of the class.This can be a computer presentation, a concert room, a movie.Pick the right materials.
Write text.It is necessary and in presentations, and in the film.Select that of classmates who most emphatically can read this text.Remember that even the rest of the presentation of the event should not be perceived only visually, there must be music and the story of the events.
Pick music and record a soundtrack for the presentation.If you are preparing a concert room, and take care of the musical accompaniment.But in this case it may be "live music" if among classmates have good pianists and guitarists.
Take care to dress.Same t-shirts or items necessary to buy costumes or make in advance.For scenes from the life of the class is not necessarily completely change in his character, it will be enough to pass most characteristic appearance.You can mark characters and simple plates that hang on the chest or back.
Regardless of the seriousness of the event and the time allotted for the presentation, you must first talk about what this class and what he school.This is followed by poems, songs, skits, most memorable moments.Complete submission number most convenient to the song about the school, known or composed by the participants.