Komilfo: origin and meaning

French comme il faut literally means "how to".This word is used when want to stress that attire man, his actions, behaviors, manners fully comply with the rules of decency.It passed into the Russian language from the French, along with many other loans just at the time when the French language in Russian sounded increasingly living native. The word "comme il faut" is foreign and Antonio.We are talking about bad manners - word for improper, indecent behavior or improper clothing and other times rejected in good company.

important to understand the subtle features of the word "comme il faut."Choice of clothing, behavior, rules of conduct depends on the situation.The fact that a situation is considered to be comme il faut, the other turns into
a mauvais ton.For example, decent and very appropriate to come to a festive event in a stylish evening dress.However, wear the same clothes, going to the office - this is not comme il faut.The same applies, for example, glasses of vodka for breakfast in comparison with a good glass of wine at dinner.

It is understood that the definition of "comme il faut-mauvais ton" is of great importance is the attitude on the part of a decent society.That is, if some norms of behavior accepted in a particular family, it does not mean that they should demonstrate to others.

How to use the word "comme il fautĀ»

As a rule, the word "comme il faut" is used as the definition of and answers the question "how", although it is both a noun and an adjective.For example, you might say: "She is wearing is not comme il faut", in the case of a woman who chose the wrong clothes for the specific situation. You can combine this word with adverbs.Widespread expressions like "not enough comme il faut."However, it is recommended to use them with caution.

In some cases, "comme il faut" is used to denote a person who strictly observes the rules of etiquette.It can be said that a woman in a business suit, came to the office - comme il faut.Conversely, a person who violates the rules adopted in polite society, saying that he "did not comme il faut."

Despite the fact that this word has now become very popular, too often use it in a speech should not be, because it is not always appropriate, and sometimes sounds simply indecent and ridiculous.Remember also that your interlocutors may not know its meaning.