collectivization of war state

forcible transfer of the peasants into collective farms, which were selected in the property owned by the family, turning into peasant revolts.To frighten people, some families simply dekulakize using their property as the material basis for the collective farms.The families were evicted from their homes, sending the European north of the country, as well as in small inhabited areas of Siberia, someone imprisoned.It was officially declared war against the state peasants.

Climax reached this war in the early 30s, when millions of people were sent to the way in inappropriate conditions, without food and clothing.When dispossession in the first place they were collected shoes and warm clothes.Many are destinations not reached, they died on the way.Young Soviet Republic demanded cheap lab
or to carry out the party and government searchlights.And it found the mass sending people into exile and camp OGPU, for example, with their help, was built by the famous White Sea-Baltic Canal.If it were not prisoners, it would require a large amount of equipment and money, and concluded with Kyle, and replaced it with a wheelbarrow.

collectivization field

determine who is the fist, and who - the middle peasant, was not easy, as many wealthy farmers after the payment of various taxes and prodrazverstok found themselves on the brink of survival.To solve this issue instructed on the ground for this in the areas of young communists were sent to committees of poor peasants had to make lists.

takes note of the lists of the old, outdated, and revelatory speech neighbors in the village.The time has come to settle personal scores, and quitters when frank drunk neighbors made the reservation-workers, who once invited the employee to assist in cleaning.Having two samovars in the family was the reason for its recognition kulak to be expelled.Those who had the means of production, and to treat them and the horse, cast out first, taking them all, including even the hot food from the oven.

such distortions were everywhere, from the exporting agriculture products production was poor, the fruits of collectivization Auca today.The victims of repression then began to millions of people who were evicted from the villages, who were shot, one was sent to the camps, one in the link.Travel them in those years was endless, sometimes they walked.Having reached these places, built barracks, and had no idea that they have to live there for decades or even a lifetime.