main duties of parents

Parents must provide their child a good life.Legislated duty to care for their health and the baby's life, its psychological, moral and physical development.Parents are responsible for the crimes of their poorly educated minors.The same applies to cases where the child is sick because excessively strenuous exercise, unsuitable living conditions, malnutrition, failure to provide timely medical care because of their parents.Naturally, the choice of the wrong models of education, including moral or physical violence is a criminal offense.

Another important duty of parents is to provide a quality education for your child.The choice of an educational institution is their priority right.Parents can choose the
most suitable option for their child without consulting others.However, the Family Code stated that children themselves have the right to choose the best form of education, and the parents are obliged to take into account their opinion.

As required by law to make parents

Fathers and mothers are obligated to protect the interests and rights of their children.Under the law, parents are always representatives of their minor child, so they do not need to obtain special powers to protect the interests and rights of child.The exception is when a child's opinion does not coincide with the views of the father or mother, and guardianship authorities consider it significant disagreement and decide on the appointment of a third-party entity representative of the child.

should take into account the alimony obligations of parents.The amount of alimony shall be established in the courts and, as a rule, make up 25% of the income for one child, 30% for two children, 50% for three or more children.Evasion of alimony is a violation of the rights and interests of children and against the law.Second parent or guardian in this case is entitled to apply to the court for recovery of maintenance under compulsion.

important to note that both parents have equal responsibilities towards the child, if only one of them has been deprived of parental rights or restricted in them.The duties are removed from the fathers and mothers after the children reach the age of majority or demonstrate their complete independence and capacity of marriage or otherwise established by law.