First of all, read the GOST 6.30-2003, which describes in detail all the requirements for registration of an official letter, set font sizes and padding on the field.
Official write a letter on the letterhead of your organization.It certainly should be given its full name, bank and legal details, contact numbers, and e-mail address.
in the upper right corner indicate the surname, name and patronymic of the destination, its position and name.Send a detailed e-mail address of the recipient organization, be sure to enter the code.
in the upper left field is usually left to place outgoing registration number of the letter and putting the date of its registration.There you should write a subject line.It should be mentione
d briefly in one sentence.Specifying helps your destination quickly determine the performance of writing and decide who will be entrusted with the preparation of materials for it and answer.
Any letter , even officially, start with a greeting.It is desirable that it sounded full name and patronymic of the recipient.Greeting start with the words: "Dear."Name and patronymic of the destination if you do not know him personally, you can always find on the internet or by calling the company at which he works.Do not neglect this trifle as important to you from the first sentence to win the man whose name you write a letter .
In the first paragraph, before it sets out the main contents of the letter, make a brief introduction - reminding the recipient prior to the circumstances, the statistical data or other introductory information that would be necessary for him to better understand the essence of your message.Starting the first introductory paragraph should be with the words: "In this direct to you ..." "As agreed ..." or "Due to the fact that ...", etc.