arrangement for such platforms they selected parks.Gorky and Sokolniki.Territory will be able to accommodate about two thousand people, the whole area of ​​the park, they will not hold.

As promised the government Hyde venues in Moscow will earn by the end of 2012.In September, Mayor acquainted with architectural projects and proposals on the rules of functioning of these parks.

about creating unique London Hyde Park officials say the capital is not the first year.One of the first such proposal made former President Dmitry Medvedev after his visit to London in 2009.

Vladimir Putin in 2012, endorsed the idea of ​​the organization over the speaker, after which the working group was established to develop and implement this project.According to experts, in Moscow, the two platforms is not enough, at least,
there should be about fifty.This is explained by the increased activity of citizens and mass registration of various parties.However, Moscow authorities have decided to limit the two entities.If the experiment proves successful, the number of sites will increase.

The need for a public speaking platforms in the society is controversial opinion.The opposition has suggested that the authorities simply want to remove those who disagree with the actions of the current leadership of the country away from human eyes, allowing them to hold a meeting where there are very few people see.On the other hand, officials insist that the meetings should be held where they will not interfere with the townspeople.In addition, the creation of unique advantages including Hyde Park is the lack of the need to obtain permission to hold a rally on the site.

not known how many oratorical sites will eventually set up in the capital, but the opposition has already warned metropolitan officials that nobody will be able to drive it in the "ghetto".And if they rely on the fact that they no longer hear the cries of protest under the windows of their offices, you are deeply mistaken.