The conclusion: not to lose the friendship and not suffer financially, now just need to possess the ability to refuse to lend.
refuses to give in debt very unpleasant, but you can survive it.It is important to give up so that a person who asks you a loan, you have not been hurt or humiliated.You should not reproach a man ask for in debt also very defective for self-assessment.Take some tips: - If you have no money himself, do not hesitate to admit it.The phrase "I'd love to help, but I have a very no" would not hurt asking in debt man and you it would be easy to say (if true) - you can tactfully explain
that the amount of money that asks you for a comrade,you need for important things, or that you have already decided to help this amount to another person, such as parents - a man who not timely returned to you prior debt or did not return it at all, you can tactfully reminded of his carelessness - then the problem will disappear by itselfa - if a person asks you for the first time, you can refer to the life principle that you never ask yourself and do not give to others in debt ; - a person who constantly asks for money in debt , and there are quite a few, it is worthteach a lesson.In response to his request to ask himself in debt .Then he will understand that you have no money and feel in your place.
If you do decide to give money to debt , then be prepared for the fact that even the most honest debtor may delay debt on time and do not give you the amount borrowed.Wisdom says: "Give your hands - take away their feet."Remember that giving in debt , you provide yourself with additional efforts.