Faced with a boor, people behave differently.Someone just trying to put in place bugger, others pretend that nothing happened, others are trying to get away quickly.In any case, such a situation leaves negative precipitate in the shower.Can you make a meeting with unpleasant to you man passed almost unnoticed?
to exit without loss when confronted with boorish man, try to understand why you are so offended his behavior.The problem is not what makes a particular person, and your perception of his actions.Remember - it often happens that the situation does not concern you directly, but you tremble with indignation.
assess why you are so hurt actions misbehaving person.The key words here - "the wrong master."Every person has the stereotypes that determin
e what is right and what is not, what is allowed and what is not allowed.It is these attitudes and responses to determine the behavior of another person.Get rid of the stereotypes, and you will gain a broader view of the world, will become calm and restrained.You will clearly see that much of what used to shock you, in fact, does not matter.
How to get rid of stereotypes?To begin remember the word "impossible."This does not mean permissiveness, it is only about removing the existing obstacles in your mind.You will be surprised to see how many around you completely empty and useless taboos, only makes life difficult, pounding it in a certain framework.Imagine that your side someone laughed out loud, you immediately winced - it is impossible to behave in the presence of people.This is an example of such a ban.Hearing sincerely laughing man, you could also smile.The man laughs, he is well.Just Rejoice for it and do not rush to condemn.
Condemnation is another key word.You learn not to judge, and your life will become much easier.Think about how often you take out estimates and judgments - this is such she was.That he did not, not commercials ... Do not take the role of a judge, especially considering that this absolutely nothing changes.Someone said something, you mind calling him a boor.But what this really changed?Absolutely nothing.Learn how not to pass judgment even in situations that do not have to do with you, and you will see how much easier your life will be.
With the principle of not condemning very closely related to the concept of pride.Without pride, man will never be someone to lecture or condemn.Anyone who has managed, at least in the main, to get rid of pride, usually very well aware of human psychology.Another man for him like an open book, he sees all his "sore."In this vision of mistakes the other person is not a conviction.He sees something they only because long he fought them, they are very familiar to him.Therefore, seeing the other person's mental illness, do not condemn him, and sympathize.The sick man said disease, it is dictated by his actions.Understanding what is going on in the minds of the people around you, you just have forgotten how to be offended.