For one of the greatest rulers of ancient times can be attributed Prince Dmitry Mikhailovich, who ruled from 1322 in Vladimir for 1326 years.In just four years reign, he was remembered as a man a sharp, quick-tempered, and his name often so consumed with synonyms like "terrible eyes" Dmitry menacing eyes.

From the kind of Rurik

worth noting that Dmitry Mikhailovich was the representative of a meaningful kind in history, he was descended from the Rurik dynasty.His father was Prince Vladimir and Tver Mikhail Yaroslavovich, mother - Princess Anne Rostov, which was recognized as a holy people.

the reign of Dmitry Mikhailovich considered to be vague, with constant conspiracies and fight the enemy.In fact, his whole struggle was directed against the Prince Yuri Danilovich of
Moscow, whom he considered a direct culprit death of his father Michael Yaroslavovych. According to history, after Michael Yaroslavovych executed in the Horde, Yuri got a shortcut to rule by Vladimir Khan Uzbek.In turn, after the death of his father he inherited the reign of Dmitry Mikhailovich Tver.

History revenge

In 1321 Dmitry had a plan of revenge for his father, he decided to pretend that peace with Yuri, and sent envoys to him with tribute, but tribute intended Khan Uzbek.

receiving gifts, Yuri was in no hurry to pass this tribute to the Tatar ambassador, on the other hand, did not feel any trick, he went about his business in Novgorod, and there are even in distant Finland.It is counting on that Dmitry, who went to the Horde.He gave Khan Uzbek whole situation as follows: that Prince Yury of Moscow does not give a tribute to the Horde for a year, besides severely dealt with Prince Michael Yaroslavovich and appropriated deception itself princely territory that rightfully should get him - Dimitri.

violent and short-sighted Khan Uzbek, listening to Dmitry Mikhailovich, became angry and decided to punish the guilty of Prince George, take away his reign misappropriated.However, plans to bring the performance was not easy, because the Grand Duke for many years traveled to their possessions, the dispatch to be invited to a meeting with Ambassador Khan's Ahmylom the Horde came only in 1324.Before hordes Prince did not get.
Grand Duke Alexander of Tver ruled until 1339 and was executed horde, together with his son Fedor.

History is silent detailed details of the death of Prince George, but it is known that an impatient and angry Dmitry stabbed with his own distant relative, when he was going to the Horde.

himself after the murder of Dmitry Yury only hope for leniency Khan.But, for their arbitrariness Uzbek Khan ordered to kill him, and the reign of his brother Alexander to pass.So, in 1326, Dmitry Mikhailovich was executed, and during his short reign ended.